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Thank you for your interest in the Jijuktu’kwejk Watershed Alliance!

We promise to work toward making the Jijuktu’kwejk River (Cornwallis River) a cleaner and safer place.  We promise to keep you aware of what we are doing, and give you a chance to join us (but not too often, we know you’re busy).  Your support helps us keep working toward our goals!  Thank you!

We are completely funded by grants and memberships.  Some of our grants are only for certain activities like salary or sample analysis, while others are open for any use that we feel is necessary.  Support from our members keeps money local, and is the best way for an organization to have a steady source of flexible local funding!  Some grants and foundations come and go, but our local members can be friends forever if they are engaged and proud of the work we are doing!  Interested in where our money goes?  You can always look at our most recent financial report.

River Helper:  $10

River Protector: $50

River Champion: $100

Recurring donations are the best way for us to keep a steady income- it’s easy for your to make small donations each month without even thinking about it!


We would be honoured to have your support for our work!  If you are interested in supporting our work, please e-transfer your desired membership fee to (e-transfer) or mail to 155 Cottage Street, Berwick NS, B0P 1E0


Jennifer West, John Brazner, Nick Hill, Sean Basquill, Mylene DiPenta and Sarah McDonald (board members)

Please support our work today!