Nothing Will Stop Us!

Our mighty little team is marching forward in our mission to restore the Cornwallis (Jijuktu’kwejk) River!

Summer Program

This summer we have two amazing student volunteers who are keen to help restore our watershed!  

Keeler Colton, Watershed Alliance summer volunteer

Keeler Colton comes to us from Acadia University – he will be doing field work on the river including water samples, tributary assessments, and documenting rare and unusual species that he encounters.  

Jeff Smith is a Remote Sensing (GIS) student from NSCC Centre of Oceanographic Sciences.  Jeff  is creating an online map to showcase the science and beauty of our amazing river!  

Both students are working remotely to help protect our river – stay tuned for updates on their work later this summer!

June Trail Clean Up

Participants in our January clean up- I bet they were out in June too!

We have had a great response to our June Trail Clean Up!  Although many people are adjusting to spending time outside, being near other people and finding a new normal, we were happy to see participants venturing out with their bags to pick up some garbage on the trails and paths where they usually walk.  This summer, take steps to make your favorite natural areas a little cleaner and safer, for you and your family, and for nature and all her family!

p.s. We still have prizes left to give away, so please send us an email with photos of your clean-up crew in action to be entered in the contest (jijuktukwejk at

Funding Update

Our 2018 summer students, working with equipment borrowed from Saint Mary’s University.

Unfortunately we did not receive our summer student grant this year, likely because of the increased pressure on the Federal Government for employment income.  We are glad to have our summer volunteers, but we don’t have the funds necessary to cover their water samples and technical equipment. We hope to raise funds to support weekly water sampling, an analysis probe for water quality, pesticide water samples, and even aquatic DNA sampling to look for signals of rare and endangered species.  

If you are interested in helping support grass-roots conservation efforts in your backyard, please consider supporting the work of our amazing volunteers by making a donation. 

Click the Make a Donation link at the top of the page!!

Thank you for checking in!  Stay in touch, and stay strong!


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