June is Clean Up Month!

Help Clean Up the Trail!

We are cleaning the Harvest Moon trail from Annapolis Royal to Grand Pre and need your help!  Practice physical distancing while getting some sun, listen to the birds sing, and enjoy nature all while helping to ease some litter pressure off our beautiful trail!


We are launching a campaign to clean up the trail during the month of June.  If you walk the trail, take a bag and tidy as you go!  If you don’t walk the trail- bring a bag wherever you walk!

Win Prizes! 

We have gift certificates from local businesses to give away! To enter, send a photo of your litter adventures to jijuktukwejk@gmail.com, or post it on our Facebook page (no IM please). You could win a gift certificate to businesses such as Half Acre Cafe, Get Outside, Frasers Home Hardware, and more!

How to Participate:

Step 1. Find a bag.  Choose a bag to collect garbage on your walk.  This could be a grocery bag or a garbage bag.

Step 2.  Pick it up! Pick up litter however you feel most comfortable.  Some people will pick up the really big stuff, others will stick to smaller items.  Be safe and use your best judgment. Wear gloves and wash your hands thoroughly. If something isn’t safe to pick-up, let it be.

Step 3.  Bag it out. Take your waste home, or drop-off your bag at a safe location for pick-up from Valley Waste.

You MUST call or email Valley Waste so they know where to pick up!

Phone: (902)679-1325 Or 1-877-927-8300

Email:  andreag@vwrm.com

Just send a message like this:

“Hi there, we did a garbage pick up today and left some bags at [civic address, or landmark description].  Could you pick them up when you have a chance?  Thanks and have a great day!  We appreciate all you do for the planet!”

If you are leaving garbage bags near the trail, please leave them near a trail/road intersection for easy access.  Thanks!


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