2020 – Starting Fresh!

It’s a new year and we are starting fresh!

This past year has been another one for the books!  The Alliance had a fantastic summer student who partnered with the Mikmaw Conservation Group to learn about the watershed, the river, and the Bay of Fundy.  Angelica had a great time and is going back to university full of passion for this amazing valley ecosystem.  We are still going through her work and learning lots of neat things about the state of the river, including a calculation of unwanted fertilizers flowing into the river.

2019 has also been a time to reflect on our work and the direction we are taking to restore the Cornwallis (Jijuktu’kwejk) River.  We are SO EXCITED to be bringing new faces and new energy into the watershed alliance this year.  We already have some great events planned, including a garbage pick up in January.  We hope you will come out to these events and meet some like minded people, learn a bit about the watershed, and help us restore the river.

There has been some sad news in 2019 about the accumulation of garbage in the beautiful Bay of Fundy, as well as our own work calculating excess fertilizers flowing into the Cornwallis (Jijuktu’kwejk) River.   We thought we would have a garbage pick up that helped us start the year off on the right (green) foot, and helped clean the Fundy shoreline.  We hope you can come out to this and many of our other events!

  • January 4, 2020
  • 2:00pm to 4:00pm
  • (January 11, storm date)
  • Long Beach (Baxters Harbour): Meet just west of the intersection of Long Beach Road and Old Baxter Mill Road.
  • Harbourville Beach (Harbourville): Meet at the parking lot near the fish store and the restaurant!

Dress warm, enjoy the sun, and pick up as much marine garbage as you can with friends and neighbours!  We will supply bags and will contact Valley Waste to pick up our bags.

Thanks for your support, and have a happy holiday!

The Watershed Alliance team

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