We’re Ready to Grow!

Hi there, thanks for stopping by! We are working really hard and your encouragement and support keeps us going every day!

The Jijuktu’kwejk Watershed Alliance is more than two years old, and we are ready to take the next BIG step to help restore the Cornwallis River! This year we plan to hire our first full time staff- they will be doing all the things we haven’t quite been able to get to- launching public programs, coordinating volunteer events, writing grants for more projects and more staff, and generally doing all the great things that will help restore the Cornwallis River! It’s very exciting but a lot of work- we want to make sure we are ready for a person to come on board and start doing great work as soon as possible!

Before that happens, we are having a great time with our three summer interns. Angelica, Mark and Nikki started with us on June 18 and will have 10 weeks to cover projects such as:

  • water quality assessments at 10 sites
  • learning about the sewage treatment plants along the river
  • visiting potential wetland restoration sites around the watershed with McCallum Environmental
  • modelling pesticide application to agricultural lands and potential inputs into the river
  • searching for rare and sensitive wood turtle habitat
  • and much more!!!
  • They are a fantastic team and have hit the ground running! This week they were being trained on their new equipment on loan from the Community Based Environmental Monitoring Network in Halifax.

We are so happy to have your support- can we ask you to renew your membership and help us reach our funding goal for our new staff member? Last year our wonderful members contributed $635 to the Alliance, and we are hoping to increase that through some new grants, and also by sharing our work with lots of new people in the valley. If you are able, please consider a membership and donation, but if you are not able, please share our work with your friends, family, and colleagues, and anyone else who cares about the Cornwallis (Jijuktu’kwejk) River!

Most Sincerely and Gratefully,
Jennifer West

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