May 22, 2018: Restoring Habitat for a Healthier River

Please join us for our annual gathering where we will learn about habitat and wetlands from a local expert, and also hear about how the Watershed Alliance did in 2017!

Restoring Habitat for a Healthier River
Annual Gathering of the Jijuktu’kwejk Watershed Alliance
May 22, 38 Cornwallis Street, Kentville NS
Improving the Cornwallis River health through habitat restoration: what are the best opportunities for landowners to make a difference?  Meghan Milloy from McCallum Environmental will be speaking about wetlands and watershed health, followed by discussion about the River and the Jijuktu’kwejk (gee-gee-wok-tok) Watershed Alliance!  A short business meeting will follow to share the annual report.
Please visit our Facebook page and let us know if you are coming!  Please share our Facebook event and this email with your friends and family!
We look forward to seeing you, and celebrating our successes together!Australian
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