Flying Squirrel Adventures!


Theme: Getting to know the Ravine

Join us for an exploration of the Kentville Ravine on April 21st, 10 am

On our first get-together, we’ll be exploring the Ravine and getting to know the plants and animals that make it their home.  Retired biology professor Soren Bondrup-Nielsen will be leading the adult programming stream on a walk along the Ravine trails and sharing some of its hidden and not so hidden gems.

The children’s programming stream will also be on a ‘getting- to-know-the-Ravine adventure’ but at a different pace with program facilitators, Emily LeGrand and Marina Myra.

Meeting point: by the upper trailhead parking lot behind the Research Station  (see map)

Flying Squirrel Adventures is open to anyone with an interest in being outside, active and learning about nature.  Each session starts with all ages combined in a sharing circle where we chat about the plan for the day.  Depending on the themes and topics to be explored, the group will do some activities together before breaking into a children’s stream and an adult stream.  At the end of the session, the two groups come back together to share their experiences.

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